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Enabling the next billion digital workers.

We approach our labeling tools by co-designing them with our labelers, asking what interface will work best for them. The flexibility of working anywhere — on a self-determined schedule, using a phone or laptop — produces timely, accurate, high-quality data labels that teach our models to be the best they can be.

“For me, this [work] so far has done wonders. I paid my rent, paid my son’s fees fully, and bought a new set of duvets.”
QB, Management Information Systems student
“I can’t put it into words. I loved it. At first it looked too good to be true. I couldn’t understand how you could just do a task on your phone and earn money. I also learned a lot.”
Daisy, Data Analyst
"Growing up, I never dreamed of having the opportunity to contribute to cool technology. Finding any job is a struggle where I am from. It is awesome that I can do such cool work with Corsali, flexibly and in my own time.  It has really opened doors for me."
Anne, Nursing student

Our global partners.

Corsali collaborates with globally recognized nonprofits and NGOs to develop economic opportunities as ethically and responsibly as we can. We trust our partner organizations to help guide hiring decisions that maximize the social benefit to local communities.

Together, we'll make your data work for you.