Tackling tomorrow’s challenges through Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is solving more complex and nuanced problems than ever before. Trained for customer-specific use-cases, Corsali's powerful machine learning models are answering questions like "what are the payment terms in this contract?" or "is the crack in this wall large enough to need a repair?"

Your data.

Every one of our customers maintains full ownership of their data and unique access to their machine learning models. Even clients whose core business revolves around machine learning trust Corsali to help accelerate their models to production readiness.

Your models.

The human touch.

A global team of skilled workers forms the heart of Corsali. Our curated pros can complete nuanced knowledge work for virtually any industry, on an agile, flexible basis. With their support, the machine learning model APIs we create are more specific and more supportive of your use case.

Most companies struggle to build a production-ready model that can hit their 90-95% accuracy target; it takes Corsali's roster of real people to achieve peak precision by truly understanding what drives your work.

Let’s say you’re in...

Renewable Energy

Rivals and low-code alternatives simply can't compete with Corsali. When one of our customers in the energy sector came to us for help, they were hitting 37% precision and 60% accuracy with a low-code machine learning tool they adopted for identifying solar panels in photos. After using Corsali to develop and train a custom model, those metrics skyrocketed to 93% precision and 84% accuracy.

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Real Estate

To improve their search functionality, one of our customers uses Corsali to create machine learning models which identify specific house attributes. Though the company already had machine learning expertise in-house, they were able to drastically accelerate production using Corsali’s simple deployment platform.

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Take machine learning ideas that feel years away and turn them into production-ready models in weeks. One of our customers in the travel sector had planned to develop a machine learning model over two years, the time it would take to collect data through their application. When Corsali took over collecting data and training that model instead, our client achieved a custom ML model in their production application years ahead of schedule.

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Together, we'll make your data work for you.