Predict group airfare pricing and seize chances to improve customer travel experience.

Take machine learning ideas that feel years away and turn them into production-ready models in weeks. One of our customers in the travel sector had planned to develop a machine learning model over two years, the time it would take to collect data through their application. When Corsali took over collecting data and training that model instead, our client achieved a custom ML model in their production application years ahead of schedule.

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How it works

Provide human-readable instructions that describe what you need from your data.

How can we promptly act on this customer feedback?
Does this ticket factor in dynamic pricing?
Is there a telling trend in these cancellations?

Upload your available data to our platform (images, text, video, analytics, etc.). If you don’t yet have data, you can provide an example data point, and we’ll take care of collecting the rest.

user analytics
historical pricing

Corsali builds and trains your Machine Learning model, which you then easily integrate via API.

company categories
price prediction
location of objects in images

Use an intuitive dashboard to test, optimize, or even create new models down the line.

increase accuracy
create a new model

Customers already making 
the most of their data.

“[The team] quickly understood the uniqueness of our product/problem space. The product seems compelling.”
Head of Product at travel agency
Using Corsali to predict the price of group flights
“ML is core to our business and having Corsali help us train, deploy, and run models without having to hire an ML expert is super helpful.”
Founder of a marketing startup
Using Corsali to identify solar panels in satellite imagery
“We need an end-to-end solution, not just data labeling.”
Director of Data at a startup in retail
Using Corsali to identify products in an in-store shopping app

Together, we'll make your data work for you.