Making AI accessible.

Corsali is an end-to-end machine learning platform that spares our customers the complexity of machine learning deployment at scale.

Basically, we're a group of Silicon Valley nerds who combined our passion for making machine learning more attainable with a vision for global economic opportunity.

Our secret is a team of skilled, highly-educated data labelers from around the world, elevating our platform through their talent and dedication.

Trust us to do the heavy lifting as we make your data work for you.

Our team.

A powerful blend of technologists, machine learning engineers, crypto enthusiasts, development economists, and micro-entrepreneurs. Prioritizing openness, thoughtfulness, and unique perspectives, Corsali operates as a flat organization, with every team member holding the title of partner.

Anna Kazlauskas
Art Abal
Partner, Operations
Roberto Berwa
Partner, Engineering
Albert Rodenius
Partner, Engineering
Liz Harkavy
Partner, Machine Learning
Abhi Dhir
Partner, Machine Learning

Backed by the best.

Polychain Capital
Sep Kamvar
Tribe Capital
Rene Reinsberg
Casey Neistat
Comma Capital
Delian Asparouhav
Marek Olszewski
Brynly Lyr
Casey Caruso
Evan Stites Clayton

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